Yay I’m a GSoCer

I got selected for GSoC 2014. Thanks to my mentor and KDE team for giving me an opportunity to work on Marble Game project. My mentors are Torsten Rahn and Albert Astals Cid.

This summer I would be implementing an Educational Game for Marble. Marble is a virtual globe. You can browse and search places, find routes, measure distance between two points, view wikipedia articles and much more: of course it’s not an exhaustive list of Marble’s features and that’s why we call it  Swiss Army Knife for Maps .

The game will allow a user to learn about various places by exploring and clicking on them. Also user can test his/her knowledge by choosing options from quiz section. Since Marble already has QML bindings so it will allow to have a nice UI for the game.

Designing this game will require to extend Marble’s library. I discussed with Torsten Rahn and decided to first create a political theme for Marble. While doing my first task I’m really getting a good understanding of code base. Once we have political map integrated with Marble, we’ll use the click signal to fetch the information of the clicked area on map.

I’m really enjoying this. I get to know new people make new friends and involve with community. Thanks again to all Marble developers and Google for organising such a great program.

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