Marble Game – Identify the country shape

Hi everyone !!

My GSoC project is to design an educational game using Marble . For that I have already designed a political theme for marble and it’s currently in git master ( and also in KDE/4.14 branch ). Based on this political map, I have a basic game working.

Currently the application provides two options “Browse Map” and “Game” . By clicking on browse map button you can explore the map – see location of various countries on globe, their shape and also a basic description about them by clicking on the their name.

Game option currently has only one game available – Identify the Country Shape . The game randomly highlights a country on map and displays answer options for it. The user needs to select the correct answer option which displays the name of the highlighted country.

Here is a short game video .

In my last blog post  someone reported in comment that only a part of Italy, in fourth image,  has been highlighted ( excluding islands Sardinia and Sicily ). I figured out the problem and fixed it. Now, countries having territory represented by different polygons on map are highlighted correctly. e.g, Greece in the following image.


The game isn’t available in git master yet because the patch for game is under review. Once the changes are okay to be pushed, you can enjoy the game. 🙂

Next, I’ll work on improving UI . Also, I will add features like display the user’s score, don’t let the user do more than a certain number of wrong attempts ( to make it more challenging ) etc. The more advanced version would be to register a user’s data ( user’s name, past scores etc. ) and show the progress, user has made, each time user attempts the game.

Yeah, of course there are more interesting features which can be added to game, so please share the idea you have in mind. 🙂


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7 Responses to Marble Game – Identify the country shape

  1. anonymity is great says:

    Another interesting game I once found on the internet as an SVG-file (but it disappeared 😦 ) is: the name is shown and the user has to click the correct shape on the map. Points increase by one at each correct answer and are reset to zero on the first mistake. The goal is to have the maximum number of points.

    • abhgangwar says:

      Hi there,
      Thanks for your suggestion. 🙂 I’ll implement the game you mentioned and it should be easy. What’s challenging for me is to have a nice UI for game. So, I’ll focus more on UI.
      Hopefully, In my next post I’ll have this game implemented . Thanks again. 🙂

  2. tumaix says:

    Amazing, this can take over the kgeography \o/

  3. sentu says:

    Good work!!
    I always thinked that it will be good a KGeography on Marble, and you did it!! nice!
    When you have the new UI working, it will be interesting have the KGeography game modes (find country by flag, or flag by country, find country by name…).

  4. Sune says:

    what does it do that kgeography doesn’t ?

  5. buzza says:

    so great to see some of kgeography’s ideas in marble, I’m very much looking forward to having kgeography’s other features implemented! In my opinion “click on country given its name” should be the top priority. Thanks for your work!

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