Marble Game

Hi again !!

This is my GSoC project status report. My project aims to design an educational game using marble which will help you learn geography. You can browse maps and enjoy quizzes to test your knowledge.

I have added two new games “Identify the flag” and “Identify location of a country on map” and implemented the panel, on left showing different options for user, using QtQuick2.0 and QQuickView .

There are two options “Browse Map” and “Play Game”. “Play Game” option offers three games  – 1. “Identify the country shape” 2. “Identify the flag” and 3. “Identify location of a country on map” .

“Identify the country shape” game highlights a random country on map and asks user to select right answer option , out of four given options, for it.

“Identify the flag” games displays a country’s flag and gives answer options for it. Again user needs to select the correct answer option.

In “Identify location of a country” the user is asked to click on a particular country on map.

The score ( correct answers / total questions asked ) of user is displayed for every game.

Here is short video showing game .

Again, if you have any suggestions/ideas please share 🙂 .

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9 Responses to Marble Game

  1. flatbulb says:

    Great work! Is this update (I mean highlighting a country on map by clicking) available in marble git?

  2. abhgangwar says:

    You can change the colors directly in dgml file ( they are available under “colorMap” tag ) . These colors are used to color the countries . But we don’t have “highlight” feature in git . So, clicking on any country won’t affect its color.

  3. David Gil says:


    Where can I find the source code?


    David Gil

  4. David Gil says:


    Then it will be an extension of Marble, not an application in itself, am I right? What are your plans?


    David Gil

    • abhgangwar says:

      Hi David !
      Yes, For a start we have decided to implement it as an extension of marble.
      Later on, once all components of game are matured and we have more features implemented , it will be ready to be a stand alone application.

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